10 Foods that Promote Weight Loss and Health

    After a pregnancy, when the weather is good or to find the line , it is sometimes necessary to lose weight quickly. Better nutrition, sport practice or slimming program , how to lose 6 pounds in 20 days?

    Our tips and advice to lose 6 pounds in 20 days

    Whether you are a man or a woman, sometimes you have to lose weight quickly and efficiently to get back into shape. To lose weight quickly without depriving oneself and without taking back weight several options are possible:

    Sport : Regular physical activity is great for getting back on track . You can easily burn calories by doing cardio or running.

    Diet: A vegetable diet based on fruit and vegetable consumption for a week can lose several pounds.

    Follow a slimming program : based on balanced menus, slimming programs can lose belly quickly. Ideal after childbirth or for men

    Sports programs

    If it is possible to lose 6 pounds in 20 days, it is also imperative to practice physical activity so that the lost fat is replaced by muscle.

    Intensive programs make it possible to make cladding movements to reform abdominals and lose belly fat. One can also follow programs combining fitness, bodybuilding and cardio exercises. Sheathing times are essential for strengthening the abdominal belt and for the muscles of the lower back. They will help you practice other movements without hurting yourself and working the rest of your muscles.

    The slimming programs

    The slimming programs and other slimming diets allow to lose weight quickly. High protein diets like the Dukan diet or those low in calories make you lose 6 pounds in less than 20 days . The hypocaloric option like the consumption of cabbage soup allows you to lose 5 kilos in one week. After the rapid weight loss phase of the first week, it’s a good idea to head to programs like Weight Watchers to keep losing weight while balancing your menus and learning to eat healthier.

    These slimming programs must of course be respected to the letter and for a short time so as not to cause deficiency. They must be accompanied by good eating habits such as the suppression of snacking and the practice of physical activity.


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