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    If you want to have the dreamy boot in 1 week so you can wear a jersey and go to the beach to enjoy the sun in the summer, know that putting yourself on a balanced diet is not enough.

    Even if there are some food techniques that allow you to lose weight on this area of ​​your body, you also need to practice targeted exercises to lose weight glutes sustainably . Discover quickly how to succeed in losing glutes in 1 week.

    A balanced diet to lose weight in 1 week

    You have to study the contents of your plate before losing weight. You must have a healthy, balanced and varied diet . You do not have to deprive yourself, but you have to choose what you eat.

    Choose proteins, you have to consume them a lot because proteins develop your muscle mass. They also facilitate your energy expenditure during digestion . Unlike foods that digest less well, proteins lower weight gain. You can find them in crustaceans, meats, eggs, fish or dairy products . Choose fish and white meats with red meats .

    As for fats, we must focus on those containing omega-3 (walnut oil, rapeseed, etc.), and reduce those that are based on omega-6 such as peanut oil , sunflower oil … You must also reduce your consumption of sugar, salt and alcohol.

    Drink water and tea to help you slim down in 1 week

    The more active your circulation is, the less cellulite you have . So drink a lot of water to drain your body and reduce, however, your alcohol consumption, which dehydrates your cells.

    Also take unsweetened green tea, it’s a good fat-burning remedy to slim down healthy in a week. Diuretic, slimming and antioxidant, unsweetened green tea is a very effective drink to destock lipids accumulated in your fat cells after your meal, but also to combat water retention . So drop your fruit juices, smoothies, and soft drinks. Drink instead of green tea in large quantities . Add lemon slices to your green tea to help get rid of toxins . In summer, drink it hot or iced, but no sugar or milk.

    Lose weight in one week thanks to sports

    Sports activities that are best suited to strengthen all buttocks muscles are swimming , cycling, brisk walking and jogging.

    The bike allows you to tone your buttocks. Cycling regularly allows you to have fine and curved legs. You can go to the office by bike for example when it is hot.

    Practiced with fins, swimming strengthens your gluteal muscles. Do not hesitate to go to the pool after work during these 7 days or to enjoy the sea when the weather is nice. The results of swimming are fast and impressive.

    If you jog every day for 1 week, your buttocks will build and lose weight fast.

    Finally, doing brisk walking is also a great way to tone your buttocks . If you want to walk, buy the right shoes for this activity and sign up for a hiking club. All this week, get off every morning at a stop before your usual tram or bus station while going to work.


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