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    Want to know how many calories are carbonized during your 30 minutes of running? Well, it all depends on your running speed, your running style , and other small, varied criteria such as your weight.

    The magic formula

    You will now discover the mathematical formula that calculates the number of calories per minute depending on the type of sport and your weight . First of all, it is necessary to explain a notion known as the Metabolic Equivalent.

    The metabolic equivalent, or EM, varies according to the activity performed. An activity with an EM equal to 5 means that this activity can spend 5 times more energy than when you are at rest. And so, the number of calories spent per minute is calculated as follows: EM of the practiced activity multiplied by 3.5 times your weight in kilos then divided by 200.

    Let’s apply the formula to calculate the caloric expenditure

    Imagine that you are currently weighing 60 kilos. To know the caloric expenditure per minute, it is now necessary to determine your ME, which depends on the intensity of the activity you practice. 30 minutes of brisk walking generates 5 ME and therefore 157 calories, half an hour of moderate running alternated with walking at the same time causes an EM equal to 6 and therefore an expenditure of 189 calories, 30 minutes of running walk at about 7 km / h induces an EM of 7 and therefore 220 calories, etc ….

    How to spend more calories?

    You have understood, to spend more calories, or you have to increase the activity time, or practice a sports activity with high metabolic equivalent value. For example, the EM of a race at 13 kilometers per hour corresponds to a EM of 13. 30 minutes at this very fast pace burns 410 calories.

    In other words, at the same weight, a quarter of an hour running at 13 kilometers per hour can burn as much energy as 30 minutes at a slow speed of 7 kilometers per hour. That’s good to know is not it?

    In summary, the higher the pace of your activity, the higher the caloric expenditure. Now you know.


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