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    Having always had a bad reputation with dieting enthusiasts and sometimes even nutritionists , fat is, like muscle, a substance vital to the living organism because it is an essential energy reserve.

    However, it can be very dangerous and harmful especially when it lodges around organs. And there are unfortunately no miracles to eliminate it. You just need to adopt healthy eating habits and regular physical activity to eliminate fat around the organs.

    How to adopt a visceral anti-fat diet?

    This goes through:

    – the consumption of foods low in carbohydrates – the consumption of foods rich in fiber – the consumption of foods rich in proteins – the eviction of so-called “artificial” fats. They are often found in some vegetable oils to which hydrogen is added to allow a longer storage of the product- less sugars are one of the main causes of the formation of visceral fat (fast sugars contained in pastries, pastries , ice cream and cakes appetizers and even sugars contained in the fruits). Favor the vegetables- remove the sugary soft drinks especially sodas and limit the alcohol.

    Here are some foods that would be useful to incorporate into your diet. They can effectively fight against fat around organs: salmon , olive oil, almonds, green tea, broccoli or oats. In general, avoid frozen and conservative meals and opt for homemade meals where you have better control over your diet.

    What behaviors to adopt daily against the fat around the organs?

    It is also important to pay attention to your daily stress. At work or in your daily life, you can be very often faced with situations of stress and anxiety. Resist it! And for that, practice sports but also meditation.

    They can be true allies to create a peaceful psychological environment and thus indirectly reduce the accumulation of visceral fat. Also pay attention to your sleep quality by sleeping well and well.

    How is fat around organs more dangerous?

    There are two types of fat: subcutaneous fat that lodges under the skin and intra-abdominal or visceral fat that lodges around organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, intestines. It is found in the abdominal wall, in direct contact with organs.

    It can therefore influence their functioning, in particular by secreting toxins responsible for the appearance of several types of cancer , arteriosclerosis, infarction, diabetes , etc … Visceral fat causes the formation of flammable molecules and hormones that increase the risks of chronic diseases.

    Very harmful, so it is essential to eliminate it to avoid endangering health.


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