10 Essential Rules of Good Health

To lose weight, we are often ready for anything. The winning combination is sports and a good diet. In the sports category, several possibilities are possible such as running , cycling, swimming …

To lose weight, many people prefer running that is a sport that requires no prior installation or even a single accessory. Nevertheless, many questions are often asked: how long does it take?

Is the way we run well or not? Here are some tips for running well and losing weight.

Running at night is better for losing weight

Some people prefer to run in the morning to wake up better. This certainly helps to burn calories, but it also forces the body to wake up abruptly which is not recommended. Running at night assures you that the body is at maximum capacity. So you will have more endurance even after a busy day of work . More stamina means more capacity and longer training.

However, you should avoid running just before sleeping, as this may eliminate melatonin that the body produces and prevent you from sleeping. As to whether it is better to run before or after eating, the answer is unequivocal that it must be done before dinner.

How fast to lose weight?

Weight loss is conditioned especially by the number of calories burned . The best is to run every day at least 45 minutes. Nevertheless, with a job and a family to handle it can be quite complicated.

The best is to do at least 3 sessions per week. During these sessions, you can alternate between running and walking to be able to hold a long duration . This will not reduce the results and on the contrary will help you gain endurance. You can also add other exercises such as bodybuilding or others.

With what to combine jogging to slim down effectively?

In addition to physical activity itself, you need a healthy and balanced diet . This means: smaller rations, lean vegetable and protein dishes , more fried foods, fast food and more sugar. You must not deprive yourself, just pay attention to the foods and quantities you eat.

Running at night is a perfect time to workout, let off steam and at the same time lose weight. You will have a moment to yourself or with a partner to be sure to keep pace and evacuate the tensions of the day . Join a good diet, nothing will stop you and you will have the silhouette of your dreams.


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