10 Summer Sports That Torch Serious Calories

Playing sports in the water is as fun as really effective to lose weight while having fun. Among the courses currently in vogue, Aquadynamic can he lose weight ? The answer is yes: it comes to work the whole body and burns a lot of calories.

The Aquadynamic is very effective to lose weight

With at least 500 calories burned per session, the Aquadynamic is part of these water sports activities that combine high intensity work and energy expenditure with a real work of cladding and firming of the skin.

This series of exercises over 45 minutes allows you to work the whole body … but in the water! Pleasant to practice, it is a good solution for those who seek the virtues of a training room but in a pleasant aquatic environment, where the pressure of the water comes to add to the benefits on the body.

Unlike other disciplines in the water, the Aquadynamic includes a real cardio part , which reinforces the side “burner of calories” that will help you lose weight.

The other advantages of Aquadynamic

The benefits of aquadynamic are not just about weight loss. Indeed, the sequence of these exercises in the water combines both cardio, muscle strengthening and aquagym type of training , which means that it is the entirety of your body that works.

Where some people are more sensitive in the room, working in the water can reduce the impact on the body without reducing the effectiveness of training , including for people who can not swim.

The Aquadynamic will tone the body , gain and firm the tissues: results coupled with a strong sense of energy!

Weight loss dynamic aqua is therefore for everyone, even if the pregnant woman must always consult her doctor before the choice of physical activities during pregnancy.

The course of a session

A typical session consists of a series of exercises that alternate muscle group isolation, speed and cardio while using aquatic resistance for maximum effect.

By definition, aquadynamic is … “dynamic”, which includes finding the spirit of a spinning session in the water. What motivate even the most refractory of us!

The aquadynamic does not require any particular equipment (except swimsuit of course), which constitutes a certain advantage to its practice. To regain form, keep the line or effectively eliminate its few extra pounds , it is a discipline to test urgently!


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