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Many people dream of having thin and thin calves, to embellish their silhouette and to appear in shorts or skirt without complex. Doing stretching will not lose weight calves , but in addition to a slimming diet, will help refine and refine.

Stretching helps to refine the calves

Once the weight loss is triggered, the targeted stretches of the calves will not only allow to gain flexibility and flexibility, but also to refine this area of ​​the body, to gain finesse and therefore aesthetic.

To get rid of his big calves is done in several stages : general slimming diet, targeting areas of fat, exercises of refinement and elongation of the muscles and the silhouette.

What stretching or physical routine to choose for the calves?

Regular practice of Pilates and / or yoga will be one of the most effective and respectful approaches to your body to refine not only the calves, but all the muscles and the silhouette.

It is important not to abuse sports that contribute to hypertrophy of the calf muscles, such as basketball or handball, skiing or excessive bodybuilding.

Running is one of the most effective sports for sural (calf) thinning, while facilitating weight loss, good body health and keeping the line in general.

Finally, to fight against the retention of water in this part of the body and thus contribute to refine the calves, regular and supported massages, coupled with the application of good essential oils, will help to go further in the “sculpture” calves.

To lose weight calves, a diet is essential

Losing weight in the calves involves following a slimming diet that will favor the melting of body fat in general (it is impossible to target).

Low carb or high protein diet, HIIT training or intermittent dieting will help you lose excess weight by targeting body fat, not muscle.

It is through this change of diet, coupled with good physical activity , that the calves will lose weight as the body is refined.

In any case, losing calves and transforming them until you achieve a result that satisfies you personally is entirely up to you.


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