5 Adventurous Things to Do This Summer

Beyond a super flat belly, it happens that some people wish to see their abdominals draw to be able to exhibit an athlete’s body in summer . Like these people, if you also want to draw your abs, know that you must adopt an adequate diet and exercise.

Here are 8 pro tips to draw your abs quickly.

Dieting adapted to have a flat stomach

To hope to reduce your fat percentage , you must first know what to eat. Because the contents of your plate is essential to hope to have a flat belly and well drawn . Fast sugars and fats should be banned from your diet. But rapeseed or olive oils, rich in omega 3 are to consume with moderation.

To refine your stomach, have a hearty breakfast, have a good hydration and a diet of fruits and vegetables. For their fiber, also take complete or semi-complete starchy foods.

Crunch to help you carve the lower belly

To speed up the visibility of the abdominals, you have to work your abdominal strap . The crunch is an excellent exercise to strengthen this area of ​​your body, but it is also recommended to vary the training by doing cladding activities.

You can crunch with or without equipment . It is however necessary to adopt the correct posture during each training if you want to obtain good results.

It is advisable to seek advice from a sports coach if you have trouble doing this exercise. This professional can even define a program appropriate to your abilities. This will allow you to work properly all your muscles located at the bottom of your belly , avoiding hurting yourself.

Practice lateral sheathing to work your oblique abs

This exercise stretches and strengthens your oblique abdominal muscles. So take your carpet and lie on your side resting on your forearm. Your elbow forming a right angle. Peel the hips off the ground. Your forearm and ankles alone should touch the ground. Make a contraction of the strap of your abdomen while breathing slowly.

Keep the position for a while, change sides to strengthen your left and right oblique abdominals evenly.

Try electrostimulation to make your abs appear quickly

Do not use any appliance while lying on the couch. Using a device, the abdominals are curled up and can not work well. You must perform your electrostimulation session when the strap of your abdomen is stretched . The ideal posture is standing with your legs straight.

Strengthen the lower belly gently by doing fitball

This activity is perfect for gently strengthening your lap belt . Lie on your swiss ball, your two feet flat on the ground. The back should marry the curve of the ball perfectly. To stabilize your position, place your arms on the sides. Take off your foot from the ground and stay for 5 seconds. Repeat this with the other foot.

Trace your body at work

No need to leave your workstation to build your stomach. Sit down, your feet flat on the ground, your back straight. Place your left shoulder against the back of your seat while continuing to breathe and pulling in your stomach . Keep this position for a few seconds. You will feel your belly working on the sides. After relaxing, move to the other shoulder.

Do not forget to do cardio exercises to help you trace your body

Beginners often think that the most important thing to have the body of a Greek statue is to do bodybuilding only. They are wrong because cardio training is strongly recommended to sculpt the body.

In fact, cardio training is the perfect complement to your diet so that your body burns more calories and refines itself. It is therefore advisable to go cycling, jogging, swimming, or more intense sports activities such as tennis or squash.

You can also grab some opportunities to move every day. You can for example take the stairs , take a walk on your lunch break …

Do something simple and effective to complete your activities

In a dorsal position in a pool, put a board on your chest and your arms cross. Try to swim at the strength of the beats of your feet.

The entire strap of your abdomen activates to stabilize you . It’s a real pleasure for your body!


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