9 Things to Expect from Your Weight-Loss Journey

After pregnancy or following weight gain, do you need to quickly tone your arms? In addition to a balanced diet , think about muscle building ! To refine biceps triceps, here are 3 exercises specially designed to solicit the arms.

Integrate them without delay into your slimming program , whether you are a man or a woman !

Exercise # 1: Bicep toning

Do you want to work the muscles of your forearms ? Opt for a very classic first exercise, but which has proven itself:

– First, bring a big bottle of water, and then sit on a chair or a bench.

– Now press your free hand on the corresponding knee. On the side of the arm holding the bottle, place your elbow against the inside of your second knee.

– Then bend the elbow to raise the water bottle.

– Finally, lower your arm, in a controlled way, as slowly as possible, in order to put it back in its starting position.

Exercise number 2: isolation of triceps muscles

Arms dangling, a sagging skin … “And to beef up the rear arm , how can I do ? ”

For this, you need to tone the triceps, located inside the arms . First take back your favorite accessory, your water bottle full. Then:

– By putting on all fours, take support on your knees and on your free hand.

– While blowing thoroughly, then tense your hand holding the bottle of water, keeping your elbow at your sides.

– Finally, exhale deeply, bringing your arm forward.

Exercise number 3: toning the whole arm

Do you still have your water bottle? Now exercise all the muscles of your arms :

– Stand up, legs apart and slightly bent.

– Then place the hand holding the bottle of water behind your neck, and put the other hand on your hip.

– While inhaling, extend your arm holding the bottle of water up.

– As you exhale, bring your arm back to the bent position behind your neck.

But what is the right frequency to perform these three “special arm” exercises? For example, perform 10 moves on each side, in a total of two to three sessions per week. And always go gradually, listening to your body.

To quickly refine your arms , there is no secret: you have to move! For truly visible results and toning arms, practice these three very targeted exercises on a regular basis.


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