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You can not stand your bat arms and the skin that hangs underneath, and you want to lose weight quickly ? With a little will, a suitable diet , a little sport and some tricks , you will reach your goal and will again be able to wear short sleeves , without showing flabby arms …

Adapt your diet first

To lose weight and refine your arms , you must watch your diet and adopt a diet that will make you lose weight on the whole body . First, be aware of calories because arm fat often comes from a diet that is too rich in fat and calories. The cellulite is then lodged everywhere and bulls the arms.

If you are overweight , with too much fat all over your body and arms, you must first lose globally and then act locally. For that, eat more vegetables and cook them in a healthy way (boiled, blanched, steamed or raw) and with very little fat (without is ideal). Vegetables are filled with fiber and nutrients that are essential in a diet or when you want to lose weight on a part of the body (such as arms).

Eat foods that are high in protein because they help develop muscles that work, burn fat and draw it from the body’s stores . You’ll find protein in fat-free red meats , eggs, fish and tofu.

It is also important to be hydrated by drinking water or lemon water (the lemon with detox properties that promote the elimination of fat at all levels of the body and therefore on the arms). Count 3 or 4 lemons pressed per liter of water. Avoid calorie-rich and sugary soft drinks , which are often the cause of weight gain and the accumulation of fat in the arms.

You will also make sure to eat less but more often . The method is to take 5 or 6 small meals a day every 2 or 3 hours. It is very effective for people who know how to control themselves and discipline themselves so they do not take big meals. This method actually makes losing arms very quickly because it strongly stimulates metabolism, generates permanent digestion and therefore transforms fat energy more systematically, while keeping a lower glucose level.

Play sports and targeted exercises

A good diet is the most important criterion for thinning arms but strengthening your arms is an excellent idea to speed up the process . You will burn calories locally and turn them into energy for use by your body. And the development of your muscles will help to tighten and tone the skin of your arms , which will prevent the fat from hanging on the triceps.

To muscle biceps and triceps , you can practice dip (4 sets of 10 every morning) and make pumps (2 sets of 20 every morning and as soon as you have the opportunity). You can, if it proves too difficult, start with light pumps with your legs bent and leaning a little on your knees.

Another effective exercise is to lift dumbbells (from 500g to 1kg in each hand) placed behind the head at the nape of the neck and bringing them to the top while moving only the forearms, and bringing them back to the level. neck. Practice 3 sets of 20 flexions / extensions per day.

You must also do cardio 2 times a week . This is swimming where you choose a dynamic swim to have faster effects, burning fat faster. In addition, it will tone your arms very quickly. Also try the jump rope at least 2 sessions per week from 30 minutes to 1 hour . Also do boxing (the most complete sport) indoors or with a punching bag at home.

Requiring a lot of breath, it will cause sweating and elimination of all the fat in the arms. It will also make you evacuate the stress that prevents losing weight and therefore allow you to refine your arms quickly .

Also remember to practice some stretching to better remove the fat that hangs from your arms. Try to join hands behind your back, with a passer over the shoulder and the other in the back. Once your fingers are caught, stay 20 to 30 seconds to feel your muscles stretch. This training is to be done every day and after each exercise session.

Adopt some practical tips

If you are not particularly adept at sport, you can lose weight by doing housework and daily chores. You can even save time by combining 2 activities at the same time. Make dumbbells by lifting your vacuum 10 times in a row, for example (make 5 sets as soon as you enter a new room) and stretch your arms to the maximum by cleaning your windows.

The second tip is to do some of your laundry by hand because it will strengthen your arms . Rub your clothes to wash them will actually work effectively the forearms, biceps and triceps.

Also burn the fat of your arms while taking your shower . So do dumbbells with the bottle of shampoo (preferably 1 L) and work the triceps by wiping your back (exercise stretching indicated above, but with the towel) with a movement up and down.

Also try the firming creams by massaging the area of ​​your arms for a long time, which will revitalize the tissues and promote a good circulation of blood, and thus help to better eliminate fat and cellulite. Their composition based on plant extracts or natural elements also plays an important role on the firming of skin and tissues. Massage preferably in the evening before bedtime for more efficiency.

And finally, have the impression of having thin arms by camouflaging them . Put self-tanner (tanned skin makes it look thinner than white skin) and / or wear loose- fitting clothes (because tight-fitting clothes accentuate the pudgy effect).


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