Discover How Yoga Benefits Your Proffessional Growth

Starting a sport is not easy, especially if you go solo. Bodybuilding is no exception and if you want to start a workout , you will have to apply some essential basic tips. This for several reasons.

The first is to avoid hurting yourself. The second, just as important, is to take pleasure in not being discouraged. And finally, it is essential to follow these basic rules in order to progress slowly but surely.

Once acquired, you will be able to flourish with these exercises for beginners.

First steps in bodybuilding

The first advice is universal, whatever your level but all the more relevant and essential when you start: warming up and stretching are two steps that should never be neglected ! Stretching is essential before and after exercise. Then make sure you hydrate properly during exercise.

It’s a simple gesture that can prevent aches from the next day or, at least, reduce them. Finally, throughout each exercise, monitor your breathing.It must be regular, do not hold your breath!

Exercise 1: bench press

The bench press is practiced on a conventional weight bench equipped with a bar with weights. The movement is basic: you are lying on your back and you take the bar in hand to lift it and bring it back to you before lifting it again.

This exercise is also useful for both men and women. The dumbbells are an integral part of any bodybuilding programĀ  : a simple well-being interview or a full body workout.

Exercise 2: Crunch duo and squats

Depending on your age, your state of health can be a problem for exercises that involve a lot of joints such as knees (this is the case for squats), so you can replace a movement with a bike, less aggressive, or swimming. The squat is a simple gesture.

Back straight, feet aligned with the shoulders, arms outstretched in front of you, you will mimic the fact of sitting down and returning to your initial position. You will work then your gluteus maximus and your thighs but also the belly. Crunches are all accessible abdominal exercises that are easy to couple with a little sheathing.

Exercise 3: Side elevation

With a small dumbbell in each hand, stand upright with your arms around your body. Then lift them horizontally to the level of the shoulders, always arms extended then down and start again. It is also possible to work this movement using a specific elastic.

It requires less strength but remains effective. Pumps can be a good solution to vary a little, once a week.

Training cadence

Ideally, you have to work in sets of 10 or 15 movements. The number of series depends on your level and your goals . On the other hand, as a beginner, it is disadvised to do bodybuilding every day. Take the time to recover. Two to three sessions a week are quite sufficient at first.

You should still burn more than 500 calories per session . In other words, the results will not be long in coming. Becoming refined becomes child’s play. Be careful though, if you have persistent back pain, maybe you have forced too much.


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