Doctors Found America’s Fittest City

You accumulate a number of pounds, especially after pregnancy and your goal is to quickly lose 18 pounds in 2 months.

Man or woman, your dearest wish is to eliminate this excess weight. So, opt for targeted diets for healthy, fast and sustainable weight loss. A dietary program is to follow, methods like the Dukan Diet or the Weight Watchers Method can help you achieve your goal.

The sports to be privileged

Many physical activities are recommended in parallel with diet or food rebalancing . However, for this specific purpose, sports are particularly indicated as cardio, bodybuilding , squat.

The activity of yoga will help you to become aware of your body and to relax, because changing your diet can affect your mood. You can also choose the training interval as exercises.

This activity is one of the best techniques to sculpt the body and lose fat. The principle is to perform intense and short work periods, and then follows a short recovery period. The advantage of this sport is to offer short and diversified training to perform almost anywhere.

Effective diets

Regarding the food rebalancing program to help you eliminate these 18 kilos. It is necessary to preserve the 3 meals and a snack at the snack . Needs and inputs vary according to the time of day. And also, eat less at night because digestion is slow and you spend less energy after 19:00.

Go for green vegetables, and also foods rich in protein that will bring you energy. Replace white starchy foods such as cereals, rice and pasta, and choose their version with whole grains. Whole grains contain fiber that affects your feeling of fullness and your body will take less fat. As a result, you will eat less.

Of course avoid all foods with a high content of sugars and fats such as pastries, pastries , candy bars, sweets etc. And consume rather slow carbohydrates that are not refined, preferably, for example, wholemeal bread, quinoa and whole rice.

Limit your consumption of fat meat twice a week, such as mutton, offal, lamb and beef. It must also control its fat intake by selecting rapeseed , walnut or olive oils .

Lose weight in the long run

Once your goal is achieved, you do not want, of course, to regain the lost weight. Wondering what is the best approach so you do not have to overweight again? The following weeks constitute a transition phase.


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