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How to lose weight cheeks  ? No secret: you have to play sports. And it is better to focus on physical activities that consume a lot of calories, to strengthen the many small muscles of the cheeks. We give you the best tips to lose cheeks !

Running to lose cheeks

In fact there is no specific sport to lose cheeks; in the same way, one does not lose only cheeks, but in a general way of the whole body. Running is the best activity to mass burn calories and work all parts of the body.

Intensive breathing through the mouth also requires the muscles of the cheeks to work regularly . Cycling, brisk walking and even skipping rope are also beneficial.

And do not panic for beginners, the main goal is not to achieve Olympic performance , but to want to slim down by going to flush out fat and develop all the muscles.

Swimming to quickly slim down cheeks

Another effective physical activity to lose the cheeks is to practice swimming regularly, well known to solicit many muscles, and generally be beneficial to health. In addition to working the arms, legs and pelvis, swimming also solicits the many small muscles of the cheeks during the regular effort required by breathing.

The muscles can thus harden and refine the shape of the cheeks, removing the potentially unsightly balloon effect that can take cheeks too low demand.

Practice small exercises to lose cheeks

In addition to sport, simple cheek-specific exercises are effective for muscle building. But how to reach these small muscles well hidden? For example, performing regular series of 10 grimaces by opening the mouth for about ten seconds can act on the muscles by fortifying them.

Chewing gum , as innocuous as it may seem, helps solicit the cheeks, although it should not be abused to spare the stomach. These exercises can be done simply at any time of the day – preferably during a break or quiet, since it is still a matter of grimaces!

As you can see, the solution for thinning the cheeks is to naturally develop facial muscles by regularly practicing sports activities, whether running , swimming or with small exercises. Which, in general, is good for the whole body and for your health!


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