Free Time: 10 Yoga Exercises You Can Try Everywhere

It is not necessarily essential to start bodybuilding to lose weight . Indeed, some exercises easy to reproduce at home can refine this part of the body. The gym allows not only to lose weight thighs, buttocks and belly but also arms . Here’s how to go about it.

Firming your arms with simple but effective movements

Targeted fitness exercises at the level of the arms allow to refine quickly and efficiently . One of the best-known and most dreaded exercises is to maintain a position with arms extended for as long as possible.

So, put your back straight, abdominal belt sheathed, glutes tight . Extend your arms horizontally to either side of your body to align your hands, elbows, and shoulders. Try to hold the position at least 20 seconds. Inhale and exhale deeply while being careful not to give up. Finally release.

Take the same posture and add a variant: make twenty small circles forward for 20 seconds. Finally, do the same thing by making circles backwards.

As the days go by, you can increase the duration and make larger circles to make the exercise more difficult and therefore more effective.

Exercises specially designed to strengthen the biceps and triceps

Following a specific program can have visible results. By doing 20 sets of each exercise and repeating this program 3 times, you will lose weight quickly every day .

With regard to the biceps:

The first exercise requires the integration of dumbbells or bottles of water. Take one or one in each hand. Stand with your legs slightly bent and your back straight, bend alternately one then the other arm, so that the dumbbell is up to your shoulder . (x20)

The second exercise makes both arms work at the same time. This time, hold your arms forward. Fold them up and back up your elbows until they are your arms to be level with the ground. Lower your arms and make the movement 20 times.

With regard to triceps:

Using a chair, perform dips . To do this, while the chair is behind you, hold on with your hands, spread the width of your shoulders. Your legs tight and tight, your buttocks are empty and only your heels touch the ground. Flex your arms to lower your buttocks and when the upper part of your arms is almost parallel to the ground, go back up to extend your arms. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times and think of breathing deeply as you come up on your arms.

By training daily from home, you can strengthen your arms without having to pay a registration in the gym!


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