These 5 Yoga Poses Will Make Your Abs Look Great

As a result of an unattractive little bud or caused by a lost tonicity of the oval at the bottom of your face , double chin is now a huge complex cause that you can make disappear without surgery or liposuction.

With simple and effective exercises that work the muscles of your neck and those of the lower part of your face, remove your double chin to have a refined face.

Discover the 5 exercises for men that will help you lose your double chin quickly.

XO exercise

It is also possible to practice a physical exercise of the face as for the rest of your body . XO exercise contracts the muscles of your neck and can help you quickly remove your double chin. It is a facial gymnastic exercise that consists of alternately repeating the letter “X” and the letter “O”. You must exaggerate the pronunciation when you repeat the two letters, as if you wish to articulate excessively.

This easy exercise to do everyday will allow you to gently pull the muscles of the jowls and chin. It will also allow you to tone this part. To have good results, it is essential to train you morning and evening, taking care to repeat these two letters at least 10 times by sufficiently exaggerating the spacing of the jaws.

Highly effective head exercise

You will work the muscles at the bottom of your face with a few focused and precise head movements.

Movement 1:

Keep your head upright, move your jaw forward. Before releasing, keep this position for several seconds.

Movement 2:

Keeping your back straight, lower your head so that you can stick your chin to your upper chest. Next, make movements by turning your head to the left and then to the right, keeping your chin glued to your chest. Make these movements slowly to better work the muscles of your chin . Before releasing, keep this position for a moment in each direction.

Movement 3:

With your back still straight, lean your head back. Then, move your jaw forward. Now you have to open and close your mouth softly. You will feel a contraction of the muscles under your chin. Perform a few movements slowly and release after a few seconds.

With these movements you can have an aesthetic chin, so it is useless to look yet what to do for your double chin or how to remove your double chin. Because these movements will help you to have a thin chin and to strengthen the chin. So this is a natural solution that will allow you to remove your double chin.

Open the mouth

To make this exercise effective and have a quick result on your double unsightly chin, you just need to open your mouth as much as possible and pull your tongue as far as possible, trying to touch the beard that serves to hide your double chin with the tongue. Keep this position for 12 seconds and repeat 8 times. You will feel that your neck muscles and your chin are tightening when you do this exercise.

Thus, you can erase or even remove your double chin without having surgery or without using a slimming cream for the chin . You only need to do good facial exercises regularly to have a thin, firm chin! Do not forget to make deep expirations and inspirations, which you will need to lengthen the duration.

This will help you relax, as you will make your double chin disappear. You will see the changes by comparing the volume of your chin before after your exercises.


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