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Men or women , senior or junior, if you are overweight and your goal is to lose weight effectively and quickly , combining diet and physical activity turns out to be your best solution. Perseverance, rigor and motivation , these will be your watchwords.

Sport to lose 55 pounds in 6 months

Lose weight is not only a question of attitude, it is also doing exercises . It is said that with 92 minutes of sport a week, life is extended by 3 years “, and not only, because indeed, by practicing regularly physical exercises , losing weight will not be any more a secret for you.

Physical activities , there are so many, but which are the ones that promote weight loss ? Here are some lists to give you a taste:

RPM, swimming and squat: excellent fat burners

Combined or practiced one by one, these activities help you move with maximum efficiency and thus burn more fat . A good plan to find for sure a harmonious and sculpting silhouette!

Walking: for those who enjoy a softer physical activity The walk is perfect to train gently . You go at your own pace while spending more calories and lose weight gradually, but surely!

Boxing: the most complete sport that exists The benefits of boxing are many, it is the most complete activity that is! Indeed, boxing is about doing cardio, and that says cardio, says weight loss.

How to best practice these activities?

Whether for amateurs or the most knowledgeable of the sport, interval training is the best method ! This training program alternates effort and recovery. Efforts with maximum intensity that will allow your body to change.

Tips and tricks to lose 55 kg in 6 months

The good plan to lose weight is to change your lifestyle . Yes, as we say: ” motivation is your starting point . The habit keeps you going, “so have the good habits to keep a perfect line and have an iron health. And to reach your goal of “losing 55 kilos in 6 months”, combining physical activities and food rebalancing is a must !

In order to supplement the needs of your body , a vitamin and protein intake are just as essential. After the effort, the comfort, then after your workout, why not take a small infusion of lemon tea ? You will certainly add the useful to the pleasant!


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