Top 5 Snacks to Fuel Your Workout

“I have enough of my thighs, how to melt them faster ?? If you need to firm up your legs , look no further than the ideal sport : from the invisible chair to the jump rope , here are 5 special exercises to refine what needs to be!

Exercise number 1: the invisible chair

Well known, this very effective exercise does not require expensive courses or special accessories. Its disadvantage? It presupposes the will, because it is rather difficult to hold:

– Stand with your back to a wall, your torso straight and your feet aligned with your shoulders.

– With your back still leaning against the wall, bend your knees as if you want to sit down.

– Once in a sitting position, hold for thirty seconds before returning to your original position. As your thighs get muscular, you can stretch that time.

Exercise number 2: flat stomach …

Still without accessories, you can also practice this exercise more dynamic bodybuilding :

– On your stomach, lie down with your arms crossed and your head inclined towards your arms.

– by keeping your pond on the ground, take off your two feet off the ground and lift your legs.

– Flex your knees.

– Stretch your legs again, and come back to your starting position. To begin, you can chain 10 movements.

Exercise number 3: 4-legged …

In line with the previous exercise, you can practice this movement:

– Stand on all fours, resting on your elbows and knees.

– Lift one of your legs by keeping your knees bent (without arching!), Then bring it back to its starting position.

– Repeat this movement 10 times, then change your leg.

Exercise number 4: on guard!

For toning the back of the thighs , nothing like the slots. Their advantage is to bend the buttocks too.

– Hands on the hips, let one of your legs slide back on the half-point.

– Fold at the same time the basic knee as much as you can.

– Reassemble until you find your starting position, legs joined. Repeat this movement 10 times, then change your support leg.

Exercise number 5: the jump rope

Funier than the elastic band , the skipping rope is used to strengthen the back of the legs , but also firm the buttocks and tone the upper thighs .

Without technical difficulty, it increases endurance and breath . You just need to get the necessary accessory. Then, plan a minimum of two to three sessions per week, about ten minutes of jump, in front of a good YouTube channel!

How to tone your legs? More questions, only answers, thanks to these 5 targeted exercises!


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