12 Classic Pilates Moves You Should Try Now

To have a perfect body, bodybuilding is the best program for that . This helps to refine the silhouette and gain muscle . Even though men are the ones in practice the most, women can also excel.

Here are simple exercises to do at home without equipment to have muscles of steel.

The pumps

Pumps are the must-have for home bodybuilding. This exercise is used to solicit the pectorals and biceps. Ideal to make a belly well flat and well toned. To do your push-ups, stand on the floor with arms extended perpendicular to the shoulders, then lower your torso and return to the starting position . During the movement the back should stay straight. For more results, you can touch the ground with your torso before going back up.


Very simple exercise that can be practiced anywhere at any time, squats can strengthen the lower body . Stand straight with your back straight and put your hands behind your neck. Then bend your knees while keeping your back straight and then go back up. With training, you can practice this exercise with additional weights or keep the position for several seconds.

The dips

Popular for biceps, dips require the use of two chairs. Place each hand on the edge of a chair and lift your body so your feet do not touch the floor. You can also do inverted dips by resting your palms on the chairs and putting your feet on another shorter chair. Then you just have to lift your body. For your safety, make sure the chairs are strong before you even start exercising.

The crunch

Also a classic with proven efficiency, crunches can be used to make abs and work most muscles . Lie on a carpet or on the floor then bend your knees. Then, lift your torso with your hands behind your neck. When you release the movement, the back should not touch the ground until the end of the playoffs. You can do this exercise with two. In this case, your partner will have to hold your ankles to prevent you from moving them.


The slits allow to have legs and a buttocks firm and well bounced . To perform this exercise, stand upright with your back straight, then step forward, kneel and return to your original position. Throughout the exercise, the back should stay straight.

To avoid aches, warm up before exercise and stretching at the end of the program . Breathing is also very important without forgetting of course to work each part of the body without forgetting any otherwise it could create an imbalance in the size of the muscles. Fullbody is very important in bodybuilding.


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