9 Things You Need to Know About Muscle Soreness

Tired of hiding your double chin on selfies? Know that there are very simple exercises of facial yoga to eliminate his double chin.

The face is composed of more than 50 muscles that can be solicited to reshape his face. With a little patience and discipline, this method can be very effective .

The grimace of the bulldog

For this exercise, it’s very simple: try to imitate the head of a bulldog. Place the lower lip on the upper lip and hold for as long as possible then renew several times for 10 minutes.

Try not to laugh !


In front of the mirror, pronounce articulating the letters X and O as much as possible, alternating so as to stretch the muscles of the chin and cheeks. Guaranteed effect.

Chew gum

Chewing works the muscles that interest us deeply to carve the cheeks , stretch the forehead and eliminate the double chin.

Tap the chin

With the back of the hand, palm down, gently pat the chin as many times as possible.


Pull your head back while holding the base of your neck with your hands. You will feel the skin stretch and the muscles contract.

Stick out your tongue

Do not be afraid of ridicule and get your tongue out completely in front of your lower lip . You will feel the muscles working. It’s a good sign ! This is the ideal exercise to erase the double chin and carve his neck.

Fingers in the mouth

Place your index fingers on each side of the mouth and stretch outward. Then try to bring your fingers closer together using your jaw.


Hands on collarbone, lean your head back. When you feel tension in your neck, make circles with your mouth like a fish in the water. Keep this position looking towards the horizon and say “iiiiiik”.

After several workouts, a lot of assiduity (and some laughter), you will seeĀ  the progress before after and the benefits that these facial yoga exercises bring to your face. Exit the double chin!


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