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When one has intestinal problems, it can be complicated to have a thin figure. Indeed, constipation and bloating can make your curves heavier, make your stomach feel harder, and also make you feel bad (because of the flatulence and gas that are often the symptoms).

But, if these annoyances are difficult to manage on a daily basis, they are often not responsible for “real” weight gain. Indeed, once the problem is solved, the extra pounds fly away quickly, effortlessly. So, how to limit the causes and effects of these bloating to find a finer line?

Why is weight gain possible when you have bowel problems?

Do you feel bloated and find that you have taken a few pounds while climbing on the scale? Items stored in the intestines can work against you. These toxins that stagnate in your body artificially make you gain weight.

As soon as your bowel problems are resolved, soon your extra pounds will fly away. But to find a thinned silhouette, it is better to cure your problems of constipation as soon as possible.

How to limit constipation and bloating through eating?

There is no miracle cure or 100% effective treatment. But then, what to do to avoid bloating? Just eat some of the leading foods that contain probiotics . Indeed, your intestinal disorders are due to the bad bacteria in your intestines.

They disturb your transit. Your belly may appear more inflated and it makes you take extra pounds, which would be eliminated if you solve your problems at the source.Among the foods rich in probiotics, we find:

  • The sauerkraut
  • Yogurt

You can also familiarize yourself with miso or kefir. The first is a Japanese seasoning, traditionally obtained through the fermentation of soy with salt and a specific mushroom called koji. Kefir, to him, is a drink from the fermentation of milk . Kefir seeds are cultures of lactobacilli and yeast added to the preparation.

When one is subject to flatulence and bloating, there are also foods to avoid or eliminate habits such as overripe fruits, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or legumes.

It should also eat little in the evening and a little more in the morning because digestion is often more difficult at the end of the day.

Resume a sports activity to stimulate your digestive system

If you have the opportunity, nothing like a small daily walk after the meal . This physical activity stimulates your intestines and stomach, making digestion easier. Limiting abdominal swelling and going to the bathroom regularly helps you feel healthy. Indeed, the toxins can very quickly accumulate in the body if we can not get to the stool , which promotes water retention for example and fatigue or stress.

This feeling of heaviness can affect not only your mobility but also your psychological health (loss of self-confidence). Resume gently but surely the sport can stimulate the whole body and limit abdominal overload.

By applying these tips, your swollen belly will be a bad memory!


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