Burn Calories at the Beach

Aquagym , aquabike, aqua-yoga … water sports are on the rise. But do you know the aquapolis, the new fitness trend of the moment ?

What is aquapolis?

The aquapolis is simply doing pole dance exercises in a pool . This sport is halfway between dance and acrobatics, all done on musical background. After a warm-up, the practitioners chained the movements around a bar immersed in the water. The class ends with stretching, to avoid stiffness.

This sporting activity is recent . She saw, indeed, the day in Belgium, 5 years ago.

Do aquapole exercises make you lose weight?

The aquapolis is a complete sport. It makes muscles and cardio work . However, the intense exercises are great for burning fat . They also help to increase the metabolism. In addition, the resistance of the water increases the caloric expenditure. The aquapolis muscle mainly the arms and the belly, because the cladding is essential to succeed the imposed figures . It is also the ideal sport to get rid of cellulite.

Water sports open the appetite because the energy expenditure during a session is high (sometimes more than 350 calories). To hold without cracking until the next meal, it is necessary to provide a healthy snack. Food rich in banana protein or 0% white cheese is preferred . It is also a good time to enjoy a pleasure food, such as a square of dark chocolate or a handful of dried fruits.

Should I be a super sportswoman to take a course in aquapolis?

Practicing the dance pole requires flexibility and healthy joints. In addition, it is not always easy to hang on a bar, when extra pounds weigh down the silhouette. By carrying the dance with bar in the water, the weight of the body seems lightened by a third. You will have more fun to move. The risk of hurting yourself is also lower.

In addition, over the course of the sessions, motivation remains intact because progress is much faster than on dry land . The results are visible on the silhouette and in terms of health: more breath, less joint and back pain due to the strengthening of the abdominal belt etc.

Aquapolis is the sport for all women, including those who want fitness after pregnancy. All you have to do is find a swimming pool offering this type of activity .


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