The Summer Abs Workout

This year, for sure, I become a real sportswoman! But here, since January 1, one or two jogging, some swimming sessions , but not really real change … To achieve your goal, one imperative: maintain your motivation . Here are eight tips to follow to finally hold your resolution.

Find a fun sport

What better than to test several activities to discover the one that will please you the most? In the classroom or club, the first sessions are often worth testing and do not commit over time, enjoy to test fencing, climbing or zumba …

Practice in a group

Even if you love running , it’s hard to follow every step of your program? How about coaching some friends? With the prospect of motivating each other , then sharing a convivial moment to congratulate oneself for the efforts made, even the most exhausting of the sessions becomes immediately more sympathetic.

Set realistic goals

To keep your motivation high , nothing better than aiming for easy steps: if you’re aiming for the Paris marathon, start by signing up for this 5 or 10 km race next month. By achieving these mid-term challenges, you inflate your ego and you feel progress towards the final goal.

Measure your progress

Whether you’re trying to burn calories , gain stamina or slim down … there are so many good reasons to get active! To become aware of your progress and measure the benefits of all these efforts, many apps will present them in particularly visual and fun forms.

Reward yourself for your efforts

A few hours in the hammam, a good smoothie in this new shop or a razzia in the department of moisturizing creams, you deserve it!

Accept empty passages

If in the first months efforts pay quickly in terms of weight loss and performance, it is not uncommon to experience moments of levels, where it will seem more difficult to lose weight or progress. Normal phases that we go through keeping in mind that they are transient and focusing on the pleasure of sports.

Adapt your practice to your lifestyle

Of course you will progress faster by chaining the cardio sessions at the gym  five days a week … but obviously, the daily seems unlikely to be compatible with such an ambition. Instead of making you feel guilty, you can get rid of realistic niches, even if they seem small at first, and you stick to it!

Vary practices

Did you discover a passion for badminton , curling, or synchronized swimming? Do not hesitate to mix your favorite activity with cardio, fitness or endurance exercises : in addition to avoiding the monotony, they will allow you to reinforce essential skills to progress in your sport.

So, when is this marathon for?


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