The Ultimate Upper-Body Workout

Everyone knows how to work their abs but the concern is that these targeted exercises usually stimulate the abdominal strap by neglecting the obliques . Located on the side, they are very important to structure your silhouette.

It is absolutely necessary to make them work in the same way as the rest of the belly muscles . Here’s how to proceed.

Prepare your body for the effort

The warm-up is a stage that too many sportsmen neglect. It is nevertheless used to put your body in condition. You will find that taking your warm-ups seriously will help you avoid a lot of muscle aches and injuries as well. Similarly, at the end of the session, keep a few minutes for your stretches.

Exercise 1: lateral sheathing

In addition to smoothly sculpting your figure, this exercise will effectively burn abdominal fat . The starting posture is as follows: you are lying on your side. Then you must take care to keep contact with the ground only at the level of your forearm and your ankle. You must hold the position while keeping a natural breath. The duration depends on your resistance. It will have to grow naturally with practice.

Exercise 2: the rotating crunch

This is a variant of the classic crunch . To achieve this, you must lie on the floor, hands well positioned behind the neck. Your feet are on the ground, knees raised. You then climb one foot on the opposite knee. Then, you can realize your crunch by raising yourself at regular intervals. Your shoulder must go for the opposite knee. You must contract your abs to do this and not pull your neck with your arms.

Exercise 3: abduction-buttocks in abduction

Here, you will work with the help of a rubber band specific to bodybuilding . Lie down after placing your rubber band around your feet. Then raise the legs, they must remain strained. Now, you have to raise your shoulders slightly so that they do not touch the ground any more, contract the belly and spread your legs. The elastic induces a resistance that allows you to solicit more your abs. Repeat the movement in sets of 25.

Depending on your availability, you can set up several small sessions for 15 minutes a day or plan more time and do three big workouts a week. The results will be there, in any case, if you are regular in your effort . Consistency is the key!


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