10 Ways to Get More Fruits and Veggies in Your Diet

With the large number of physical exercises to do in the evening, you can attack a part of your body every day so that it can lose volume and tone up. All you need is a little effort and a dose of regular weight loss to get you started with regular physical activity at night . Discover here some physical exercises to do in the evening to lose weight.

A fitness exercise without equipment to do in the evening to lose weight

Before taking a good cold shower to have a great sleep , a fitness exercise at home will do you good and help you reduce your excess weight serenely.

For that, make a minute of walking on the spot. Then make two minutes of legs. Standing up, your back straight, your feet apart the width of your shoulders, your arms (upper limbs) stretched out in front of you horizontally, bend your knees to gently lower your buttocks as if you wanted to sit down.

Keep your torso straight and make sure your weight is largely on your heels. When your thighs are almost parallel to the ground, you can stop. Hold this position for several seconds, then go back up slowly. Repeat this 4 times.

Pilates to muscle your body gently and help you lose weight

You do not have to suffer to work the abs and lose belly quickly. With Pilates or yoga, you can learn to adopt the right position every day, both at rest and during exercise. Pilates allows you to relieve your joints and back. It also helps to refine your silhouette.

To do this Pilates exercise, stand up and leave your legs in the circle held above your knees. Make an inhalation then an exhale, a flexion of your legs pressing on the ends of the circle. At the same time, extend your upper limbs so that they are aligned with your trunk. Head-trunk-upper limb alignment 2 to 4 12-second repetitions. This exercise will make you work the glutes, belly and thighs.

An exercise to tone your arms

It is possible to build up the upper limbs by doing a simple exercise in your room at night. To have muscle in this part of your body, no need to go to a weight room . Just sit on the edge of your bed, your arms facing forward, your feet together, bend your legs so you have a 90 ° angle.

Bend your elbows and bring down your buttocks. By lowering your buttocks, they must almost touch the ground. Once near the ground, go up slowly. It is also necessary to go as slowly as possible to make the training more intense.

For this exercise, perform 22 repetitions. By practicing this activity regularly, your upper limbs will gain in tone without taking volume.

An exercise to refine your abs

To refine your abdominals in the evening, lie on your back to the mattress and put your hands under the buttocks, the palms of your hands to the ground. Then lift your bust a little. Raise your legs slightly from the mattress by contraction of your abs, with your legs straight.

Keep this position then raise your legs. Start by raising for example the left leg, then the right leg while keeping each leg extended. Very quickly, your abdominals will heat up . Repeat this 22 times.


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