8 Foods that are Good for Strenght Training

Are you tired of your extra pounds and the orange peel effect ? To carve your body gently, nothing like doing activities in the water, whose resistance will work your muscles deep.

The aqua fitness thus brings satisfactory results on the short term . Also good for pregnant women, like yoga, aqua fitness does not attack the joints and allows you to workout while protecting yourself. But what is water aerobics ? And how often to practice it to lose weight quickly ?

The benefits of aqua fitness

A sport that is both gentle and stimulating, aqua fitness incorporates training sessions with varied content and intensity , depending on the teachers and the centers. So you can inquire before to opt for the course most suited to your needs and your slimming goals. However, during each session, there will necessarily be cardio and bodybuilding movements (with or without equipment such as a plate, chips or dumbbells for example). What to model his silhouette smoothly.

The massage action of the water activates the blood circulation , which allows to have a draining effect on the legs and the thighs. Thus, you will be able to say goodbye to your cellulite and your feelings of heavy legs. The various exercises to perform in the water require all your energy which allows to burn more than 400 calories in 1 h.

For your weight loss, no need to sweat, just apply to the exercises that will tone your whole body.

Why is it so effective?

By soliciting absolutely all the muscles of the body, without seeming to, you burn calories. The action of the water makes it possible not to feel the effort and to avoid shocks and other traumatisms. The ample movements allow to work the legs and the arms at the same time.

How many times a week do aqua fitness to lose weight?

Depending on your weight loss goals, you will need to go to the pool 1 to 4 times a week . Indeed, by definition, the frequency of workouts allows you to burn fat faster. It is also important to be consistent and not to pause in the program.

In short, if you do not like running or swimming, opt for aqua fitness! You slim down after only a few sessions without hurting yourself, which is also a recommended sport for pregnant women and the elderly.


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