Lab Findings Will Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Lose weight at the gym is not insurmountable, provided you follow a few simple exercises, and of course monitor his diet. You are given the best advice to effectively slim down your arms before the summer.

Make the biceps work to lose weight

No secret to thin arms : it is necessary to act on the muscles, especially those of the biceps. In addition to melt fat, biceps stimulation helps to strengthen muscles, and thus refine your arm giving it a harmonious shape.

The ideal way to develop the biceps is to work with two dumbbells , carried arms stretched down with palms facing the sky (supination), and flexing arms gently upwards, repeating the series motion of twenty all minutes.

This exercise can be alternated by turning the palms towards the body, thus making work all the muscles of the biceps.

Slacken your arms by developing your triceps

The other decisive part of losing weight is the triceps, each composed of three muscles. Always with a dumbbell, try the “kick back”: support with a knee on a chair with the horizontal bust, and keep the elbow glued to the body with the dumbbell.

Climb horizontally and lower your arm, and repeat the series as well. With the exercise of “dips”, no dumbbell, only a chair is enough . Place your hands on the edges and put your back to the chair, squatting.

Let yourself slide down, keeping your hands on the chair, then go back up, which places your arms regularly at right angles. An exercise certainly a little demanding, but very effective to develop quickly and effectively triceps!

Lose arms by developing the upper body

In general, exercises that work the upper body are likely to refine the arms. In addition to the pumps, practice the scissors: with your arms , alternate the movements as to cut an object, which makes work very effectively the muscles of the upper body.

The weight machines dedicated to the developed-inclined-guided certainly work the pectoral, but also the biceps and triceps; do not hesitate to use it to lose weight of the arms. In any case remember to keep the back straight, and of course to warm up beforehand and drink plenty of water.

By practicing physical sessions up to two to three times a week , you will quickly notice that your arms are getting rid of both their fat, and sculpt themselves by developing their muscles. Good luck !


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