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The aqua sculpt, like aqua building, is a sport activity that is practiced in water and aims to develop muscle mass . This means that his primary goal is bodybuilding, not burning a maximum of calories . That being said, the aqua sculpt still allows you to spend a lot!

The aqua sculpt: a significant calorie expenditure

On average, pool activities burn 300 to 500 calories per 45-minute session . Aquasculpt is one of them: this type of training will help you to increase your daily energy expenditure, while working all your muscles through a series of fitness exercises and muscu made in the pool.

The resistance felt in the water considerably increasing the level of effort of the body, you will necessarily spend a lot more kcal than in room (to degree of equal intensity).

Nevertheless, the aqua first sculpt for vocation to muscle, tone and refine the silhouette. It can therefore be the ideal complement to a high intensity session (HIIT type) once or twice a week.

Slimming your body and sculpting it with a varied sport training, a healthy diet , sessions where you spend your time and others where you stretch your muscles: that’s the key to a beautiful silhouette!

The advantages of aqua sculpt

The opinions are generally unanimous on the objectives achieved by the aqua sculpt , when it is practiced regularly:

A toned and supple silhouette

Drawn and more developed muscles (to double a phase of fat loss through diet)

Better endurance and general fitness

All this is all the more interesting as the joints are preserved, since physical activity is done in the water! For people looking to vary their workout or who simply have fragile joints, this can be a great sports alternative.

What do I need for an aqua sculpt lesson?

From your swimsuit and, depending on where you practice it, a bathing cap. Most clubs provide the necessary equipment for a session: weights (wrists, ankles …), foam dumbbells …

For the rest, you just need to come motivated, think about your goals and enjoy the most of an active session that is intense and out of the ordinary.


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