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The aqua fins, or aquapalming, is a sport that burns a maximum of calories in the water , while varying the pleasures compared to traditional swimming sessions.

Calories burned during an aquapalming session

To your palms! Aquapalming can burn up to 450 kcal per half hour of training . Suffice to say that if you organize 3 sessions per week, the results will soon be on the go on the body: fat mass attack , weight training in length, cardio benefits and exercises that tone and refine the silhouette through the resistance of the body. water: everything is there.

Adding to that a real work on endurance , the kcal burned at each session are coupled with an increase in metabolism and the reduction of fat (too long) stored at different places on the body: thighs, arms, calves, hips, bellies … Aquapalming attacks where it hurts!

The effects of a swimming pool aquapalming course

It’s very simple: webbed swim works the muscle groups in both a global and targeted way, so that no part of the body is left to chance. The goal is to tone and muscle each muscle , while burning energy and improving endurance in the medium and long term.

The opinion of people who practice it regularly is that aquapalming makes you feel good right out of session, working completely and deeply but without pressure on the joints. Very quickly, a new body emerges thanks to the work in the water, to the exercises of cladding and often with the help of a board in reinforcement! The aquapalmes also helps to attack the areas affected by cellulite and reduce the effect of orange peel.

What happens during a session ?

Depending on where you take aquapalming courses, different circuits will be set up. A professional coach accompanies you and gives you the instructions , which allows to vary in intensity, speed, acceleration, etc. Equipment can be used at certain times, like a board.

In general, a session of aquapalms lasts from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the level and degree of intensity of the circuit.

In any case, it is an ideal alternative to work sessions usually reserved for gyms !


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