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There are different types of exercises in the pool: aquabiking, aquarunning, aquabiking … if it has many slimming benefits, it is especially for people who want to develop their muscle mass by combining fitness and muscu in the water.

A fitness activity with many benefits to burn calories

If it focuses on building (“building” means “building” in English), aqua building will also serve to keep the line or eliminate extra pounds.

Intense and very complete, it makes work the muscles of the belly, buttocks, legs, calves and thighs, back, arm or even shoulders. The movements are repeated at different speeds, which burns calories , intensify the effort without shock thanks to the pressure of the water, while muscling and refining its silhouette!

As with most water training, the fact of having to move in the face of the resistance opposed by the water considerably increases the energy required … and therefore burned, with an average of 500 kcal per session.

Conduct of a session

An aquabuilding session takes place in a pool, usually with water up to the shoulders level.

The coach, as in a room, will give the instructions, rectify the positions or movements and rhythm the session, which is generally composed of the following elements:

  • A warm-up
  • Exercise repetitions
  • Stretching ( stretching )

Unlike other disciplines of this type, aqua building will use several specific equipment, such as hydro boots (for the ankles) and hydro-bells (at the level of the hands), which allow adjust the resistance experienced during the exercise.

The other advantages of this type of training

One of the benefits of aqua building is that it does not force on the joints and have little or no muscle soreness after the session. The resistance of the water and the featherweight of the body in the water, in comparison with the land, allows to preserve the body even with an intensive training.

No matter what everyone thinks about bodybuilding in the gym or in the water, not getting hurt is a common goal!

To further tone the body and burn calories, it is recommended to associate the aqua building with another activity less focused on bodybuilding, such as aquabiking or any fun and lively spending session out of the water.


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