6 Outdoor Jogging & Workout Hazards

Nothing like sports sessions at home to lose weight and build muscles quietly. A customized program will benefit you in all cases, whether you are a beginner or not, if it is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle .

What sport to practice at home to lose weight?

At home, we have plenty of time to test the exercises adapted to our needs. To refine your thighs , squats are very effective. They help fight against cellulite  and firm your legs. Be sure to keep your knees well above the ankles when you go down and especially keep your back straight.

The abdominals will help you find a flat stomach . Find the right position that will not hurt your back or neck: when you do abs , only abs must force! Try the pumps, first on the knees if you start, again with your back straight.

You will work your sheath as ever ! For cardio , which helps to sweat and eliminate calories and toxins , try the skipping rope. To tone the arms, chain with a series of dips using a chair.

Tips and precautions for playing sports at home

Whether you are a man or a woman , some basic principles must be respected for a profitable session. First, start with a gentle warm-up. Walk, gently work all your joints to avoid injuries: wrists, knees, ankles, neck.

During and at the end of your session, drink a lot of water, you will avoid aches the next day. If you are pregnant , do not start a program on your own, but consult an indoor coach , a sports doctor or bring in a home-based professional for at least the first time. Always stretch when finished.

Sport at home or in the room to refine ?

Whether losing thighs or losing belly , fitness and club sport are formidable . You also benefit from professional advice that will encourage and guide you step by step. The sport at home should be a complement or alternative if you do not have the time or the means to subscribe to the room . At home, no machine either to practice.

However, you can invest in a few accessories and small equipment like an elastic , small dumbbells and of course a floor mat. In any case, implement in parallel a healthy diet based on complete and satisfying meals and avoid nibbling between meals .

Do not think of getting fast results and be patient: it is necessary to continue the training in the long term and at least three times a week to enjoy the benefits.


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