How to Prevent Arthritis in 10 Different Ways

Whether you are a confirmed athlete or Sunday athlete, strengthening the entire back is essential for the well being of your body . Because the back muscles allow us to stand up and support much of our body weight, it is important to keep them active and healthy.

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is putting a strain on this part of our body. We have selected 3 exercises to gently strengthen 3 areas of the back. Before you begin, a stretching session of 5 to 10 minutes will help you avoid injury.

Exercise 1: Working the lumbar

Lie on the floor, face down, rest on the forearms and take off the upper body. Keep your knees and the tips of your feet resting on the floor. With your back straight, take off your knees and align your legs to your back. Hold the position while wrapping your abs . First lift the right leg and then the left and continue the exercise for 30 seconds. Release and start again if you wish.

Exercise 2: Muscle the upper back and shoulders

First of all equip yourself with 2 dumbbells or , failing that , 2 bottles of water. With your back straight and your shoulders relaxed, put on your abs . Keep your arms glued along the body and bend them at right angles. While holding your dumbbells, make a series of 10 small slow rotations outward and release.

Exercise 3: Work on your posture and strengthen the vertebral column

Stand with legs apart and aligned to your pelvis. Right foot outward, turn bust and hips to the right and bend right leg. Hold this posture by raising your arms above your head. While pressing on the right leg, push and raise the left leg then return to initial position. Make a series of 3 to 5 movements on each side.

Breathing and steadfastness are two essential points that should not be neglected for exercises to be effective and to avoid aches and pains . We advise you to gradually increase the duration of the exercises. At your own pace and gently, you will not be slow to quickly see the first results.


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