Are You Feeling Older and Wiser?

The bead in the arms can be very embarrassing when you wear a sleeveless suit. To avoid this discomfort and no longer feel frustrated , there are many sports equipment that will help you eliminate fat on this part of your body.

Among the most effective among them is the rower. How does it work ? How does it work on the arm muscles? What pace should be respected? We give you all the answers here.

How does the rower work the arm muscles?

Indeed, each stroke of the train, the triceps in your arms are solicited when the handles are pulled towards your body. And when your arms are bent from your elbow to your body, the muscles of your forearm (biceps) are the most stressed. Thanks to this physical effort, the fat located in the fatty tissues of the bottom is gradually eliminated . By rowing for an hour, you can lose up to 680 calories.

What pace should be respected?

At first, to avoid injury, do not force too much. The important thing is not to do several hours of exercises at once, but rather to observe a certain regularity. For your first sessions, warm up for 15 minutes and paddle for 3 to 5 minutes. Then take a short break of 2 minutes and repeat as many times as you can . Over time, you can increase the duration and intensity of the exercises.

It is also important to adopt a good posture to not damage your back and have good results . From the beginning to the end of your session, your back should be straight. You must not bend or stagger. Also be sure to keep your legs and knees parallel even during bending movements.

The rower, an excellent slimming ally

Still called indoor rowing, the rower is a weight training and cardio equipment that was originally designed for athletes to train in the winter period in case the temperatures become unbearable. Then, because of its utility, it has been widely adopted around the world. Rowing consists of sitting on the seat of the apparatus and performing forward and backward pulling movements from one or two rigid handles attached to an extensible rope on the base of the machine while stretching and bending the legs alternately. This fitness equipment is very complete because it solicits simultaneously several parts of the body namely the back muscles, the leg muscles, the abdominal muscles and the arm muscles.

Finally, do not forget to combine the rower’s regular practice with a balanced diet and good hydration for quick and lasting fat loss in the arms and your entire body.


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