Excessive Excersise Could Do You Damage

Fun and accessible to all, aqua boxing is a physical activity in water that aims to strengthen the body and gain muscle tone. A watery variation of body combat, it allows intense muscular work, and at the same time a caloric expenditure that leads to weight loss .

Whether you practice aquaboxing to lose weight or simply let off steam , discipline will bring only benefits to the body .

Aqua boxing: the slimming benefits

“Loving the activities in the water, I wondered if taking aqua boxing classes would really make me lose weight? ” The exercises inspired boxing combat moves and martial arts, the sport causes a dual energy expenditure than if they were practiced out of the water.

The aquatic environment, in a pool in this case, has the ability to increase the resistance of movements, which encourages more effort. More important are the efforts, the body will burn more calories .

The advantage in this activity – as for other aquatic slimming activities – is that it reduces the feeling of effort and the risk of injury due to poorly executed movement.

Losing weight with aqua boxing: how is it going?

What is aqua boxing exactly ? This is a cardio fitness activity aimed above all at a gentle bodybuilding of the whole body, an improvement of the physical condition. Tonic, the gym mimics a fight with an imaginary opponent with boxing gloves made of foam and a swimming cap.

After a few minutes of warm-up, the course is structured around sequences of hits made with energy: uppercuts, straight strokes, hooks, kicks … and movements in the water, which will have the effect of burning fat.

Each session usually lasts 45 minutes and allows you to spend 300 calories on average . Perfect for getting thinner without the risk of injury, any aqua punching session ends with stretching and relaxation.

To slim down but also to reshape the body with aqua boxing

Appreciated because it allows to spend and gain energy, the aqua boxing also has positive effects, other than a gain of tone and curve, on the silhouette. The hydromassing effect generated by the gestures and movements in the water confers draining benefits to the activity.

Improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, aquatic sports are also effective in eliminating cellulite . The classes are played in music following a choreography, this playful side creates an atmosphere conducive to a release and a total relaxation. Anti-stress effect ensured!


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