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The elliptical trainer is a fitness machine that many people know and appreciate for its effectiveness and the absence of contraindications. But one of its completely unrecognized uses is the elliptical aqua or aqua gym with elliptical machine.

Let’s see what exactly it is and its benefits on health . And can the elliptical aqua lose weight? The answer is very positive, because by developing the muscles, it burns calories . So let’s also see how the elliptical aqua makes you lose weight …

The elliptical aqua, an ally weight loss

The aqua elliptical has many advantages over the classic aqua gym because this variant makes complete movements and allows to work more the whole body, which is not necessarily the case with water aerobics sessions .

The aqua elliptical thus tone and strengthen the muscles (especially those of the thighs and buttocks) by burning calories and fat already installed , thanks to the development of muscle.

In addition, it will cause a general firming of the body and therefore a loss of weight with refinement of the silhouette.

This cardio sport is therefore the ideal physical activity in support of dieting because the aqua elliptical will muscle you and make you lose weight .

How does the elliptical aqua work and who is it for?

The practice of the aquaelliptic is not difficult because it is only a question of cycling in the water . The pedals and handles work the same way as on an indoor elliptical trainer.

But elliptical machines to practice aquabiking are specially designed to resist water and placed in pools.

Moreover, being a brand new type of sport, its practice is under the supervision of a coach and in group.This sport is addressed to everyone, provided to have the sufficient size ( 1.50 m minimum), and has no contraindication.It is even particularly recommended for people with joint problems and those who wish to keep fit easily, without suffering any side effects.

The other benefits of elliptical aqua

You say to yourself, “If I’m doing elliptical aqua regularly, will I have other health benefits? “.

Using the elliptical bike in the pool will, in addition to accelerate your caloric expenditure with a melt fat and extra pounds, significantly reduce your circulation problems in the lower limbs, thanks to the drainage properties of water.

The course aquabiking also have positive effects on endurance. By practicing regular sessions , to appropriate resistance levels , you will see your fitness is significantly améliorer.Et you will be surprised (e) to see that the efforts made swimming almost no feel, not to mention that you will perspire not. With a very pleasant practice, you will have results just as good and even better than those obtained in a gym , without suffering the negative impacts of a gym.

In conclusion, the elliptical aqua is a new very comfortable sport technique, to be tried urgently for its benefits, especially on muscle development, weight loss and endurance.


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