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It is possible to burn enough fat to lose weight through weight training from 3 sessions per week. The important thing is to find balance through a good sport program and a specific goal to stay motivated and lose weight effectively.

How often to lose weight with bodybuilding?

A daily weight training session with at least one day of rest per week is ideal to lose weight quickly. The frequency of your training should depend mainly on your physical condition and your goals.

People in good physical condition or those who want to lose a lot of weight quickly will be able to train every day. Others find it sufficient to exercise one or two days a week.

Does bodybuilding make you lose weight?

Yes, although some think that bodybuilding only serves to develop muscles . This practice can also help to refine effectively. How it works ? Bodybuilding increases the basal metabolism, so it allows the body to more easily eliminate stored fat by turning it into a source of energy.

When muscles gain volume, they need more energy to maintain. As a result, the lipids and carbohydrates absorbed in the athlete’s diet are less stored and serve the function of the muscles.

What bodybuilding exercises to lose weight?

To lose weight, it is important to devote at least 10 minutes a day to bodybuilding. With sessions of at least 10 minutes, the body can eliminate fat and develop muscles . Choose the complete exercises that work several muscles at once: pumps, abdominals , bench press. Preferably combine your bodybuilding practice with some cardio exercises to lose weight faster.

Some tips for losing weight with bodybuilding

Practice doing the right things to make sure you do not get hurt. Better to do only one series of exercises well done than several series with an incomplete or dangerous gesture. To avoid aches and pains, be sure to do enough warm-up sessions and stretching after exercising.

Some find it more advantageous to work independently their muscles. That’s why there are training programs to develop a muscle a day and others that alternate the solicitation of the muscles every other week.


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