Cats Are The Seizure Stoppers

Beautiful in a movie, beautiful everyday, no need for excessive makeup and good lighting for Leïla Bekhti, the face of L’Oreal Paris. But what is his secret? Does it follow a drastic regime? Does she spend her days playing sports? Does she have unusual tips?

For Leila Bekhti, to be pretty, it comes first and foremost by “staying oneself”

Indeed, at every stage of a woman’s life, for Leïla Bekhti, one must first accept oneself and love oneself. No matter how old we are, whether we are pregnant or just after pregnancy, no matter how small, we need to remain convinced that, at the beginning, we all have natural beauty.

If you stay yourself, feel good about yourself and live, you have come a long way. The rest is only a complement. Well, sometimes it’s much easier said than done, but this work is worth it.

On a daily basis, it is also a question of taking care of oneself with a little make-up to put in value, cosmetics to take care of one’s hair and one’s face, etc …

To lose weight, play sports your friend!

It is not necessarily a question of having a physical activity at a level too intensive if a discipline too difficult. No, we must take pleasure not to be disgusted or discouraged. Dance is a wise choice according to Leila Bekhti because it is both a sport and a fun and friendly activity.

Take good eating habits to supplement your exercises

It’s a fact, alternating diets is not effective. It is even a choice that inevitably induces the nightmarish effect yoyo. In order to keep the line (and health) in a sustainable way, you have to change your diet and stick to it. Do not worry, it does not mean staying on a low calorie diet all your life but rather learning to eat better by following the simple rules of dietetics.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is the motto of Leila Bekhti and the least we can say is that it succeeds!


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