Obesity Linked to Several Cancers

Following a delivery, following excessive food or following menopause, your scale displays 10 kg in excess. You want to quickly find a pretty silhouette. So start the challenge: 20 days = 10 kg less.

Here are some tips to help you.

To lose weight quickly and well, bet on satiating foods

A nutritionist will tell you , relying on the number of calories from his diet is not enough. You realize that after eating an ice cream, you are hungry. Is not it said that sugar calls sugar? An effective diet should therefore focus on satiating foods. Proteins are anti-craving foods . White meat and fish are therefore in the spotlight. It is possible for a vegetarian to replace them with legumes or almonds.

Thus, as part of a high protein diet, a bowl of O% white cheese or a hard-boiled egg are excellent alternatives, in the morning, with jam slices or industrial cereals . For starchy foods, breads, rice and whole pasta are preferred.

Opt for a fat burner food to boost weight loss

Some foods have the ability to absorb fat. This faculty explains the success of cabbage soup as a diet food . But, not to get tired, you can vary the culinary preparations with natural products absorbing calories: eggplant , apple, oat bran , pineapple, cinnamon etc. Plan your menus to avoid cracking and to plan at least one negative calorie product at each meal.

At the drinks level, drinking water cuts hunger . You can add one of the lemon to give it taste.

To lose weight, respect the rules of chrononutrition

Chrononutrition makes use of our common sense . The energy needs are, indeed, different according to the time of the day. Our meals are adapted to suit, to lose weight naturally without too much deprivation: hearty breakfast with fruits and proteins , breakfast with starchy protein and light dessert, taste to avoid snacking (dried fruits or dark chocolate, for example) , light dinner with lean meats and vegetables.

To quickly refine your silhouette, thoroughly sport

Physical exercises and especially cardios activities are complementary to a diet, to ensure lasting weight loss. However, if you are sedentary, medical advice is required. To keep your motivation, then find the sport that you like and easy to practice near you: zumba, boxing, running, skipping rope … If you need to spare your joints, think of activities like swimming or the exercise bike. But how long must a jog session last, for example? The ideal is to reach at least 40 minutes to allow the body to tap into its reserves. In addition, the bodybuilding is ideal to increase the metabolism and firm the body.

Once your 20 kg lost, you will have to continue to eat healthy , to avoid quickly recover lost pounds. Remember to compensate for excess by fasting for 12 hours.


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