The Heart-Saving Hormone

Your arms lack tone, firmness or you find them just too big? Want to remedy this problem? Choose boxing to firm them up.

The ideal sport to strengthen your arms

Like all parts of the body, the arms can take fat, especially because of a poor diet high in calories. The triceps become soft and then tend to dangle; this is called the bat effect. To avoid this inconvenience, it is obviously necessary to pay attention to its food by opting for a healthy and balanced food . But it is also important to practice a sport.

Boxing can strengthen your arms, tone them and firm them up. By practicing this sport activity, you are constantly moving and constantly using your arms , which is ideal for working on your triceps and biceps. High intensity sports, boxing is suitable for both men and women who are more likely to do so.

What exercises to strengthen your arms?

Boxing does not necessarily mean getting into a ring and doing a fight. There are indeed many ways to practice boxing: so you can hit on a heavy and bulky punching bag, on a boxing ball hanging from the ceiling or even doing shadow boxing (shadow boxing in French) that is to tap in the void to perfect his shots. You can also practice punching technique by punching as fast as possible in a punching bag for 30 seconds. So many exercises that will help you strengthen your arms.

Boxing is a demanding sport that requires a real physical investment. This is why only a few weeks of practice are enough to see visible effects on the arms.

A complete sport

Many people believe that boxing can only strengthen the arms. They are mistaken because this sport makes work the whole body. It tones including the buttocks and quadriceps. It also helps reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the heart through the efforts and sustained pace of the sport.

By practicing boxing, you can strengthen your arms, strengthen and eliminate the fat or cellulite on the triceps. But you can also discover the other benefits of this sport on your body and also on your mind because boxing can evacuate stress and tension through the strikes. Not to mention that you will know how to defend yourself.


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