8 Weight-Loss Mistakes Runners Make

To sculpt his body , nothing like sports. But all are not equal … What are the benefits of the aqua body? And how many calories does it allow us to burn in one sitting? With about 600 kcal spent in 1 hour, the aqua body is rather a good option to refine . Focus on a successful sport practice, efficient and friendly.

Fitness slimming: the aqua body, how does it work?

What is the aqua body? Medium intensity sport, the aqua body is a form of aquatic fitness . More invigorating than water aerobics, this recent discipline, very popular, combines bodybuilding and accessories (dumbbells, french fries …). Complete, it allows to sculpt the muscles of the thighs, to tone the buttocks and firm up the belly.

The pressure of the water, which you must resist, makes all the exercises all the more effective. It also has the advantage of protecting your body from shocks, but also to prevent a number of injuries, by saving your joints.

The aqua body, a real detox massage!

The aqua bodysuit not only allows you to burn calories and build up your figure : during the whole session, the permanent contact of the water brings you the benefits of a real draining massage .

The key, a blood circulation and lymphatic relaunched , as well as an orange skin that decreases … And as a bonus, a level of stress much lower!

Apart from the need to have a pool in its close environment, the disadvantages of the aqua body are rather rare: accessible to the vast majority of people, this sport is very democratic. And as it is practiced in shallow water, it does not even need to know how to swim!

How to get results in aqua body classes?

In order to get the most benefit from aqua body practice, take group classes! If swimming is a pretty solitary practice, in aqua body on the other hand, the conviviality proves to be ideal to maintain the pleasure and to prolong the motivation . Moreover, under the supervision of the teacher, you will be sure to perform the exercises correctly, and therefore to be very effective.

But what is the right frequency to get real results , you ask? Count around two sessions of aqua body a week, and continue your activity as long as possible, to maintain the long-term effects.

Want to move to better lose weight? Dynamic and really effective, the aqua body should seduce you. So to burn your last extra pounds, your jerseys!


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