How Many Calories Does CrossFit Really Burn?

You want to have pecs in concrete? There is only pure sport that will allow you to get there. And registering at the gym is a most crucial step , you will have the best equipment to work your chest.

However, if you have sufficient motivation for home exercises , you can also gain in pectoral muscles by following a good foundation.

The dips

Dips are an exercise in body weight , ideal for working the upper body. This technique consists in leaning on two bars, sufficiently apart to allow the body to move, with arms extended, but elbows not locked.

You slowly lower your body by slightly relaxing the muscles of your arms and shoulders to get into the starting position. Then you begin to get up with your elbows pointing out or back until your arms are stretched again.

The pec deck

The pec deck is a technique that aims a little more the pectoral muscles. It significantly improves performance in the bench press. To properly make the pec deck, you need to adjust the material seat so that the upper part of your arms can be aligned with your shoulders.

Back straight up against the backrest, you place your forearms on each side against the supports. And when you grab the handles, your elbow must rest against the support. On the ground, your feet should be placed flat with a width similar to the width of your shoulders and your knees should be bent at 90 °.

To succeed in this exercise, you must push the handles and bring them against each other in front of you, keeping the position for 1 to 2 seconds . This movement is to be repeated.

Spread at the pulleys

This technique will allow you to develop your pecs by working at the same time, your biceps and your triceps. With this exercise, you must lie on the bench, your head, your shoulders and your hips should be well plated.

You pull the handles up until your hands are touching over your head and then back down to the starting position. Be careful not to descend below the shoulder axis.

Effective home exercises

If you do not have time to go to the gym or if you want to train more at home, you can perform series of pumps, a must for the work of the chest and biceps and triceps . For spreads with the pulleys, you can very well replace them with the dumbbells using the same concept, but needing more concentration.

The dips, the pec deck and the spreads with the pulleys or dumbbells are very effective to work the pecs . But do not forget to warm up and stretch with your workout to avoid aches and pains.


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