How Much Cardio do you Need to Burn Fat?

Do you often wonder ”  how to burn lots of calories while having fun  “? Do you want fast results without the impression of making significant efforts? There is a sport for you!

Indeed, after aqua aerobics and aquabike, place the aqua zumba which, as its name suggests, is practicing zumba in a pool . What are its benefits on the line and how does it enable effective weight loss?

The aqua zumba: what is it and what are its benefits on the body?

Zumba, this mixture of dances (salsa) and cardio training is now available in aquatic version . We keep the Latin airs, the shaking and fitness steps, we add some water aerobics while we are immersed in a pool of 1m50, and the trick is played.

The benefits of water (thanks to the pressure it applies to the body) allow to refine the legs, to work the thighs and arms thoroughly. Indeed, to follow the choreography, it will take a little more force on the muscles: which is a great way to lose spending calories while having fun.

Among the virtues of aqua zumba, we note that all the muscles are stressed especially as the water increases the effort . As a result, kcal burns without realizing it, making physical activity more playful and enjoyable . In addition, aqua zumba has a draining action ideal to limit the orange peel effect of cellulite.

How is an aqua zumba session?

An aqua zumba class usually lasts between 45 minutes and one hour . Before you register, you can participate in a demo. Because you have to know that each session starts with a little warm up, the time of a song. It is then necessary to jump in the water, on the spot, in order to prepare the body.

It is to raise the knees in the front then to realize heels-buttocks. The coach then follows with choreography, starting with the easiest to achieve , so as to increase in intensity as the course.

In addition to being friendly, this sports activity allows you to let go and burn more than 600 calories! What to refine his silhouette without even realizing it. Notice to the amateurs.

Who are the aqua zumba classes for?

Whether one is sporty or not, young or older, aqua zumba is ideal. This aquatic fitness allows you to recover slowly but surely on the rails, realizing the movements according to its level, for example. The more experienced will be able to go to the end of the movements to burn fat thighs and arms while beginners will enjoy moving and lose weight without much effort.

By going at her own pace, the pregnant woman can also continue to exercise through this gentle activity.

To conclude, aqua zumba sculpts the body while allowing to let off steam . What to lose weight in a good mood!


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